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John Sickels's Top 20 Mets Prospects

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John Sickels has posted his Top 20 Mets prospects over at Minor League Ball. In a post the other day in which he layed out his upcoming schedule, his comment on the Mets' system was "OMG this farm system sucks" and his week-o-Mets continued with Saturday's Carlos Gomez mini-profile.

As for the list, Sickels handed out only two grades better than a "B", and those were B-pluses to Fernando Martinez and Deolis Guerra. There were quite a few Bs and B-minuses, and then eleven mostly-interchangeable Cs and C-pluses to round out the list.

Sickels warns that these early grades are just preliminary and that many are likely to change in the coming weeks or months.

Overall, I'd have to say that he ranked the Mets better than I would have expected. Whether real or imagined, I feel like Sickels has an anti-Mets bias for whatever reason. The Mets haven't helped themselves out, sporting mediocre organizational depth from year-to-year, but I get the sense that Sickels is more down on them than other prospect guys.

In any event, go check out the list and the corresponding grades and feel free to leave your comments here. Gomez seems a tad low at a B, especially if you consider that the Twins were rumored to have offered Matt Garza for Gomez straight-up and were rebuffed by the Mets.

If you can't get enough of the Mets' minors, check out Toby Hyde's interview with Adam Wogan, the Mets Director of Minor League Operations, over at Toby's Mets Minor League Report.