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2007 SBN Baseball Awards: Managers of the Year

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Every year, SBN conducts an internal vote among our baseball bloggers to determine the results of MLB's annual awards. Our votes don't really count, but it's a neat exercise to see if we can do a better job of picking the winners than the real voters whose actual votes we deride for being shoddy and misinformed.

I was only given a vote for the National League awards, but I will include the results of both leagues here over the coming days.

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Rookies of the Year

My Ballot

  1. Lou Piniella
  2. Bud Black
  3. Clint Hurdle
The Cubs improved by 19 games in the standings (15 games according to Pythagoras), so some credit for that turnaround should go to Sweet Lou. I always have a tough time picking the best managers because, quite frankly, I don't really know who they are. I watch Willie Randolph every day and I have a pretty good sense of what he is good at and what he isn't, but I don't see the rest of the league's managers with enough frequency to really know. The Cubs signed a bunch of free agents, spent a bunch of money, brough in Piniella, and won a lot more games in 2007 than in the prior year.

The Diamondbacks and Rockies each outperformed expectations, the Diamondbacks wildly so. Arizona won eleven more games than expected based on their run differential, so some portion of luck, managing and an uneven record in blowouts likely contributed to that fact.

The Rockies actually underperformed their expected record by one win, so I guess that ridiculous winning streak just wasn't good enough now, was it?

I'd like to hear what you guys think. Who would you have voted for, and what is your take on managerial evaluation?

National League 1st 2nd 3rd Points
Bob Melvin 10 5 2 67
Charlie Manuel 3 5 4 34
Clint Hurdle 3 3 3 27
Lou Piniella 3 2 3 24
Manny Acta 1 2 3 14
Bud Black - 3 2 11
Bobby Cox 1 - 1 6
Ned Yost - 1 1 4
Tony LaRussa - - 1 1
Bruce Bochy - - 1 1
American League 1st 2nd 3rd Points
Eric Wedge 16 3 - 89
Joe Torre 1 7 3 29
Mike Scioscia 2 4 6 28
Mike Hargrove - 1 4 8
Terry Francona - 1 3 6
Ozzie Guillen - 1 1 4
John McLaren - 1 - 3
Buddy Bell - 1 - 3
Sam Perlozzo - - 1 1
Ron Washington - - 1 1