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Mets Transaction Round-Up

Mets transactions, per Rotoworld:

Dave Williams and David Newhan were outrighted to Triple-A New Orleans. Williams declined the assignment and Newhan will likely do the same.

These are nothing transactions. Williams might be reasonable as a long-man, but he only appeared in two games for the Mets last year, allowing 11 runs in 4.1 innings. Newhan stunk up the joint at every opportunity and, though the Mets will surely miss his Jewishness, they certainly won't miss his putrid offense.

Mets declined their $4 million option on Brian Lawrence for 2008.

No-brainer here. I had high hopes for Lawrence for some reason, and he looked good in most of his starts for an inning or two. After that everything fell apart and he rarely gave the Mets a reasonable chance to win. Good riddance.

Mets declined their $4.3 million option on Jose Valentin for 2008.

The Mets may still look to bring Valentin back next year as a bench player/pinch hitter, though a lot really depends what they decide to do at second base. If they bring Luis Castillo back (or something similar) they will already have Damion Easley and Ruben Gotay on the bench capable of manning the middle infield, so Valentin's presence would probably be extraneous.

Mets agreed to a two-year deal with Marlon Anderson worth $2.2 million; $1.05 million in 2008 and $1.15 million in 2009

It's a pittance in the grand scheme of thing, but I find it amusing that the Mets let Anderson walk after the 2005 season because they didn't want to go to two years. Here we are two years later, Anderson is two years older, and now the Mets go that extra year. Anderson hit .319/.355/.551 in 69 at-bats with the Mets last year.