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Thursday Morning Mets Newsstand

Eat my bullets!

  • The long- and tepidly-awaited Mitchell Report finally drops this afternoon at 2pm, but Bob Klapisch already has the scoop, at least as it pertains to the local teams. He says that no current Met is named but "it's going to be a rough day in the Bronx".
  • At The Hardball Times, Studes asks, Should Jose Reyes hit more ground balls?". The answer? He should hit fewer infield flies instead. Anyone who watched him play down the stretch last season noticed his annoying propensity for the infield fly, though it's always nice to see the hard data support our observations.
  • I missed it last week, but at MVN, Jessica Bader looks both backward and forward at Jose Reyes.
  • Brand new writer Steve Hubbell de-myths the Johan Santana negotiations at MetsGeek.
  • The Blue Jays are close to inking David Eckstein to man little boy shortstop for them. Better them than us.