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Mitchell Report Open Thread

The ball drops at 2pm EST. Post your thoughts, comments, links, lies, damned lies, and everything in between.

Roger Clemens is apparently on the list, or so says a former trainer of his and Andy Pettitte's.

UPDATE [2:36pm]: The report is available online [pdf].

UPDATE [2:50pm]: I perused the report and came up with the following names. These names have been taken without context, so read the full report for the details and the involvement of these players in the investigation.

Adam Piatt
Adam Riggs
Andy Pettitte
Bart Miadich
Brendan Donnelly
Chad Allen
Chris Donnels
Chuck Knoblauch
Cody McKay
Darren Holmes
David Bell
David Justice
David Segui
Denny Neagle
Eric Gagne
Exavier "Nook" Logan
F.P. Santangelo
Fernando Vina
Gary Bennett, Jr.
Gary Matthews, Jr.
Glenallen Hill
Gregg Zaun
Hal Morris
Howie Clark
Ismael Valdez
Jack Cust
Jason Christiansen
Jason Grimsley
Jay Gibbons
Jeff Williams
Jerry Hairston, Jr.
Jim Parque
John Rocker
Jose Canseco
Jose Guillen
Josias Manazanillo
Kent Mercker
Kevin Brown
Kevin Young
Larry Bigbie
Lenny Dykstra
Mark Carreon
Matt Franco
Matt Herges
Matt Williams
Miguel Tejada
Mike Bell
Mike Lansing
Mike Stanton
Mo Vaughn
Paul Byrd
Paul Lo Duca
Phil Hiatt
Rick Ankiel
Roger Clemens
Ron Villone
Rondell White
Ryan Franklin
Scott Schoeneweis
Stephen Randolph
Steve Woodard
Tim Laker
Todd Hundley
Todd Pratt
Todd Williams
Troy Glaus

Plus the BALCO bunch:

Barry Bonds
Marvin Benard
Bobby Estalella
Jason Giambi
Armando Rios
Benito Santiago
Gary Sheffield