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Thursday Morning Mets Newsstand

I loves me some bullets.

  • At MetsGeek, Jeff Mathews breaks down the Matt Wise signing.
  • The Phillies signed Geoff Jenkins to a two-year, $13 million deal with a vesting third year option worth an extra $7 million. Jenkins is 33, can't hit lefties, and hasn't OPS-ed .800 since 2005. The plan for Jenkins may be to split time with Jayson Werth in right field, though that's a lot to pay for 300 some-odd at-bats of .262/.326/.482 production (Jenkins's batting line against righties last year).
  • Carlos Silva to the Mariners is a done deal. Looks like 4/$44 or something thereabouts.
  • Newsday's Ken Davidoff shares his Hall of Fame ballot. Studes has his own thoughts on the hall at the Hardball Times.
  • The Mets may be in the lead for mediocre right-handed and Scott Boras client Kyle Lohse. I'm hearing three or four years at close to $10 million, the fruition of which would make Carlos Silva's deal look like a bargain by comparison.
  • David Pinto looks at the Diamondbacks in the light of their recent acquisition of Dan Haren. Pairing Haren with Brandon Webb gives Arizona two of the five best starters in the National League.
  • In the wake of the Cardinals' recent trade of Jim Edmonds to the Padres, Larry Borowsky compiles his all-time tradee team, an idea I will surely be stealing in the coming days.