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Friday Morning Mets Newsstand

Ba-ba-ba-ba ba-ba-ba-ba bullets!

  • At MetsGeek, John Peterson tries to figure out what kind of organization the Mets really are.
  • Matt Himelfarb has a nice interview with Tim Marchman over at Flushing University.
  • HOF candidate Goose Gossage doesn't much care for Roger Clemens.
  • JC Bradbury thinks he has the solution to this whole HGH hullabaloo: legalize it.
  • It's the last day before the holiday break, so if you need to kill some time whilst avoiding doing any actual work today, Jay Jaffe takes a look at the eligible outfielders for this year's Hall of Fame call. It clocks in at around 4,400 words, which should get you through to lunch, at least.