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Minaya Doesn't Feel Like He Has to Make a Trade

In spite of all of the rumors swirling around, Omar Minaya isn't so sure the Mets are going to make a big splash this winter.

"You get in trouble when you feel you have to make a trade. You make a trade only if it makes sense. I don't feel like we have to make a trade."
He has a point. The Mets are probably a better team than they were when 2007 ended, and the Phillies haven't gotten any better. The Braves have marginally improved their personnel, though their youngsters could be expected to improve naturally.

Having said that, the Mets would be remiss if they didn't at least inquire about available arms like Erik Bedard and Dan Haren. Just because you don't have to make a trade doesn't mean you don't take the opportunity to improve your team for this year and beyond.