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Friday Morning Mets Newsstand

Bullet list barrage.

  • The BBWAA has opened its doors to full-time web-based baseball writers, but the results of their nomination approval speak to the hollowness of this gesture. Sixteen of the eighteen nominations were approved, including Buster Olney, Tim Kurkjian, Ken Rosenthal, Peter Gammons, Tom Verducci, and others. The two writers who were curiously left unapproved are Rob Neyer and Keith Law, both of Feel free to draw your own conclusions from this one, but it certainly appears as if Neyer and Law are being blackballed for voicing their objective, conventional wisdom-less opinions over the years. [Baseball Analysts|Baseball Think Factory]
  • In today's New York Times, Ben Shpigel continues his pilgrimage across Dominican Republic, profiling Fernando Martinez and Carlos Gomez. [NY Times]
  • Also at the Grey Lady, Selena Roberts takes a look at Alex Rodriguez: Slumlord, owner of $50 million worth of apartment buildings in Tampa and, apparently, tightwad extraordinaire. [NY Times].
  • Jose Guillen and Jay Gibbons were both suspended for the first fifteen games of the 2008 season for PED-related transgressions. Interestingly, fifteen days represents the penalty for a second performance enhancing drug violation, but neither Guillen nor Gibbons has been suspended before. [Biz of Baseball]
  • The Mets are still hopeful that they will be able to cobble together a package worthy of Johan Santana, though they are (rightfully) adamant about not parting with Jose Reyes. They have laid the groundwork for a potential deal while at the winter meetings, and Omar Minaya will continue to work towards improving the club. He seems confident with the team as-is, though they could definitely use some bullpen depth and an upgrade in the rotation is never a bad idea. [NY Post]
  • Bob Raissman pokes fun at Hank Steinbrenner's phony deadlines and negotiation ultimatums, from the Alex Rodriguez business to the most recent Johan Santana boondoggle. [Daily News].