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Mets Sign Sandy Alomar, Jr.

According to John Delcos at his blog for The Journal News, the Mets have completed the Alomar trifecta by signing Sandy Alomar Jr., son of Mets' third base coach Sandy Alomar and brother of all-time Mets' bust Roberto Alomar. It's likely a non-guaranteed minor league deal, and Alomar will "compete" with Ramon Castro for the privilege of backing up Paul Lo Duca.

It's a low risk signing, especially if Alomar is willing to report to Triple-A New Orleans should he not make the team out of spring training. If Castro misses any time this season due to injury, Alomar will be an upgrade over Mike DiFelice et al. He's 40 years old now, and his offensive profile is actually similar to that of Lo Duca: solid average, doesn't strike out a lot, doesn't walk, no power. Unless there is an injury to Lo Duca or Castro heading into the season, Alomar will either be cut or assigned to the minors.

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