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Around the Horn

Some notes from around the league:

  • The Phillies have signed Brett Myers to a three-year extension that will keep him in burgundy through the end of the decade. Good for the Phillies, not as good for the women of Philadelphia.

    (Source =

  • Tony Armas Jr. is off the market, having signed a one-year deal with the Pirates worth $3 million. Seems like a decent risk for the Bucs, considering what mediocre pitching is going for these days.

    (Source = Bucs Dugout)

  • The Diamondbacks have made some crummy deals over the years. It's hard to argue with #1.

    (Source = AZ Snakepit)

  • Jose Lima is the worst Royal ever?

    (Source = Royals Review)

  • The Almighty Blez talks to Billy Beane. Again. (Part One, Part Two and Part Three)

    (Source = Athletics Nation).