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SBNation Roundup

Over at Lone Star Ball, Adam and Houston Chronicle columnist Richard Justice still can't see eye-to-eye on Brad Ausmus's value.

At Athletics Nation, Blez has the first part of what he has told me is a 19-page interview with new manager Bob Geren.

Sim Tournaments are all the rage around SBNation, and Will at Royals Review is simming George Brett's nine best seasons against the nine best non-Brett seasons in Royals' history. Meanwhile, Larry at Viva El Birdos is running a sim tournament, with each team represented by the nine best single seasons of an individual player. These simulations are a really neat idea and I am currently working on a few sims of my own that I will unleash on AA in the coming days.

Yesterday, Ryan at Beyond the Box Score analyzed Larry Walker's hall of fame credentials. His conclusion: on the bubble.

Peter at The Good Phight reveals TGF's community projection results for new Phillie Freddy Garcia.

In another neat idea that I'm likely to steal this week, Martin at Talking Chop has started a "Making the Team Meter" for Braves' players who are vying for spots on the big club when camp breaks in April.