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Martin Gandy put up a "Making the Team Meter" over at Talking Chop, and I liked it so much I decided to steal it. Plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery, no? I'm no Carlos Mencia, but I have taken the Mets' 40-man roster as well as all of their non-roster invitees and rated their current chances of making the Mets out of spring training. An up-arrow means their stock is on the rise, though it doesn't necessarily mean they are particularly likely to make the club. A down-arrow means they aren't doing so hot, and neutral is just that.

Technically open spots: three rotation spots, two bullpen spots, two bench spots.

I'll post an updated list once a week or so as circumstances encourage me to do so.

Player, Position Comment
Jon Adkins, RHP
Acquired from Padres in Ring/Bell deal, probably doesn't figure into Mets' bullpen plans.
Adam Bostick, LHP
Came to Mets from Marlins in Lindstrom/Owens trade. Has never pitched in the bigs, look for him to continue that trend in 2007.
Ambiorix Burgos, RHP
From Royals in Bannister deal, his right arm is a cannon without sight. Could fill out the back end of the 'pen.
Marcos Carvajal, RHP
Snagged off waivers from TB, probably won't be Queens bound in April.
Philip Humber, RHP
Feels great following 2005 TJ surgery, but has plenty of competition for the fifth starter spot.
Chan Ho Park, RHP
Willie likes his curveball; frontrunner for #5 starter.
John Maine, RHP
Impressed last year and in the playoffs, it will probably take a catastrophe for him not to make the team.
Mike Pelfrey, RHP
Like Humber, has his work cut out for him if he's going to make the club from the get-go. Everyone loves him, though.
Oliver Perez, LHP
Not as sure a thing as Maine, but he has the inside track at #4 in the rotation.
Alay Soler RHP
Didn't impress last year, probably won't impress this year.
Jorge Sosa, RHP
Long man? Maybe. Lousy pitcher? Assuredly.
Jason Vargas, LHP
Also competing for the fifth rotation spot, but is several ticks down on he depth chart.
Damion Easley, IF
Favorite for the do-everything utility spot, and can't be much worse than Chris Woodward was last year.
Anderson Hernandez, IF
Can hit in the minors, can hit in winter ball, can't hit big league pitching. IPOR is on the fast track to New Orleans.
Ben Johnson, OF
Nice player, should compete for the last spot on the bench.
Lastings Milledge, OF
Will be very good one day soon, but unless he is all kinds of nasty in spring training he will begin the season in AAA.
David Newhan, OF
Hard to get a reading here, but he's a useful utility guy.
Eddie Camacho, LHP
Career minor leaguer, will be one of the first cuts (if he's even in camp).
Willie Collazo, LHP
SEE: Eddie Camacho
Derek Lee, LHP
He's no Derrek Lee.
Kevin Mulvey, RHP
Drafted out of Villanova in 2006, no chance of making the team.
Clint Nageotte, RHP
SEE: Dried up husk.
Aaron Sele, RHP
Good insurance policy if Chan Ho doesn't work out.
Joe Smith, RHP
Great arm, sidewinder, could get a call up this year.
Lino Urdaneta, RHP
Forget it.
Jorge Vasquez, RHP
Hang 'em up.
Sandy Alomar, Jr., C
Needs an injury to Duke or Castro, but is still a better option than Heitpas, DiFelice, etc.
Drew Butera, C
Needs a rash of injuries to the catching corps.
Mike DiFelice, C
Just keeps hanging around this team.
Joe Hietpas, C
Behind DiFelice on the depth chart. Enough said.
Mike Nickeas, C
Keep walking.
Francisco Pena, C
Not this year, but someone to keep an eye on.
Jose A. Reyes, C
Only room for one Jose Reyes on this club.
Michel Abreu, 1B
Raked last year in the minors, but there probably isn't a spot for him right now.
Mike Carp, 1B
Nice prospect, good bat, no room.
Ruben Gotay, IF
Cleared waivers recently, will go back to AAA.
Chip Ambres, OF
Fernando Martinez, OF
The kid can mash, but is still a good two years from making his big league debut.
Victor Mendez, OF
Ruben Sierra, OF
Probably won't make the cut.

-- = Chance of making the team is even.
= Chance of making the team is going down.
= Chance of making the team is going up.