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Wednesday Linkadoodle

Despite Jimmy Rollins's comments to the contrary, Mark Hale of the New York Post thinks that the Braves will be the Mets' primary competition for the NL East crown in 2007.

Carlos Gomez is a pretty good athlete.

Dayn Perry at FOX Sports has apparently never seen Jorge Sosa pitch, as he tabs the mediocre righty to come away from training camp with the fifth starter job (scroll down to "2. Mets fifth starter").

Carlos Delgado thinks he can do better than last year. I tend to agree; his power and run production were there, but a 20-point bump in average would make all the difference. Also, Delgado plans to miss some action when his baby is born. The Delgadito is due on April 1, and papa is going to be there no matter what.

Adam Rubin at The Daily News has an audio clip from Shawn Green, who says he found something wrong with his swing from last season and has already made the necessary adjustments.

Fernando Martinez impresses everyone.

Mark Herrmann of Newsday doesn't think that the Mets' lack of a proven rotation is really a big deal.

Today marks the first full squad workout of the spring. My heart is palpitating.