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Mid-Day Camp Report: Burgos is Nasty

All around the mainstream media blogosphere, columnists came away from Ambiorix Burgos's morning batting practice session impressed.

Ben Shpigel of the Gray Lady:

There were times when Burgos signaled that he was throwing a fastball, but still, no one could hit it.
Mark Hale of the New York Post:
Ambiorix Burgos had a three-pitch sequence today against Lastings Milledge that went like this: -high heat that Milledge foul-tipped -broken-bat pop-up -weak grounder to second, after which Milledge said "ow"
John Delcos from the Journal News:
There's always one guy every spring training that draws a crowd to see how fast he throws. Ambiorix Burgos is that guys this year.
Professor Rick will surely work with Burgos on keeping his pitches down, which could dramatically improve his pathetic homerun rates. He's an arm to watch this spring, that's for sure.