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Friday Linkity-doo

Brett Myers hates the Mets. This is bad news for the Mets, because we all know what he does to people that he purportedly loves, so it's anybody's guess what he'll do to someone he hates.

John Delcos thinks the Mets view Ruben Sierra as more of an instructor and not so much a ballplayer.

Over at Beyond the Box Score, Mike Pindelski compares Jose Reyes to Hanley Ramirez in an up-and-coming National League shortstop statistical deathmatch. The verdict? Slight edge to Ramirez. Feel free to head on over there and disagree.

The Mets have a new slogan for 2007, and it's almost as shitty as their last one (and the one before that).

This year, their slogan is "Your Season Has Come."
Blech. How about, "We're a championship-caliber baseball team, we don't need a fucking ridiculous slogan". It's a winner. Get Jay Horwitz on the line.

Paul Lo Duca has tendonitis in his right hand and needed his annual cortisone shot. has its very own baseball analyst, and he actually seems to know what he's talking about. Michael Salfino, take it away:

PECOTA and [Bill] James do not expect Hernandez to hold up physically despite El Duque logging his highest innings pitched total since 2000 and staying healthy for the Mets before tearing a calf muscle on the eve of the postseason. It looks prescient now that he's left camp to have his sore neck examined.
There were also a couple of articles about Billy Wagner learning a new pitch: the splitter. Wagner says that he was dog tired at the end of last season, worn down from a long season of work. He's hoping the splitter, which will be an off-speed speed pitch for him, will function much like a changeup, reducing the overall workload (though perhaps taxing his elbow more), which could allow him to remain strong late into the season.

Oh, and the Devils are still better than the Rangers.