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Mets Finalize Pitching Staff (for Next Week's Games)

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At his blog for the Daily News, Adam Rubin gives us the lowdown on the Mets' pitching for next week's games:

For Monday's intrasquad game at Tradition Field: Jorge Sosa, Jason Vargas, Willie Collazo, Pedro Feliciano, Ambiorix Burgos, Steve Schmoll, Jorge Vasquez, Lino Urdaneta, Joe Smith, Eddie Camacho.

Tuesday's intrasquad game: John Maine, Philip Humber, Scott Schoeneweis, Adam Bostick, Clint Nageotte, Kevin Mulvey

Wednesday's Grapefruit League opener vs. Detroit (SNY, 1:10 p.m.): Oliver Perez, Alay Soler, Billy Wagner, Aaron Heilman, Jon Adkins, Joe Smith.

Thursday's Grapefruit League game vs. St. Louis (SNY, 1:10 p.m.): Tom Glavine, Jorge Sosa, Pedro Feliciano, Ambiorix Burgos, Steve Schmoll.

Friday at St. Louis (1:05 p.m.): Chan Ho Park, Aaron Sele, Scott Schoeneweis.

Four days until the first televised Mets game of 2007.