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Young, Rangers Agree on Extension

Shortstop Michael Young has reportedly signed a five-year, $80 million extension with the Rangers. This is interesting to Mets' fans because:

a) In his chat at yesterday Evan Grant intimated that the Rangers couldn't afford to sign both Young and Mark Teixeira to long-term deals.

b) Teixeira is a free agent after 2008.

c) Carlos Delgado is also a free agent after 2008.

Teixeira is just 26 years old, and even in an off year in 2007 he still hit .282/.371/.514 with 89 walks and 79 extra-base hits. He also hit .291/.394/.605 in the second half. He also has two gold gloves and, unlike some other players, advanced defensive metrics tend to support the voters on this one.