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Technically open spots: three rotation spots, two bullpen spots, two bench spots.

I will try to update this list (and prune it, hopefully) a couple of times a week as more games are played and these guys start emerging as studs or duds.

Player, Position Comment
Jon Adkins, RHP
Thirteen hits and eleven runs in seven innings? Smell you later, Jon.
Adam Bostick, LHP
Sent to minors.
Ambiorix Burgos, RHP
Four runs in 5.1 innings: bad. 5-to-1 strikeout-to-walk ratio: good. His fastball contains potassium benzoate: bad.
Marcos Carvajal, RHP
Hasn't pitched in a game yet; likely destined for the minors.
Philip Humber, RHP
Eight runs allowed in three innings; two strikeouts to four walks.
Chan Ho Park, RHP
Unspectacular in two starts, but still probably has the inside track for the fifth starter spot.
John Maine, RHP
Hasn't allowed a run in five innings.
Mike Pelfrey, RHP
Groundball machine.
Oliver Perez, LHP
After a rocky start has been better of late.
Alay Soler RHP
He'll get some more innings, but doesn't really have a chance to make the team.
Jorge Sosa, RHP
Nothing like terrible. 6-to-1 strikeout-to-walk ratio is mighty fine.
Jason Vargas, LHP
Has looked good so far. If Chan Ho falters or someone gets hurt, could be there to pick up the pieces.
Damion Easley, IF
Three-run homer the other day was sweet. No walks in 28 at-bats is not so sweet.
Anderson Hernandez, IF
Four hits and four walks (!) in 29 at-bats. New Orleans is a'callin'.
Ben Johnson, OF
Dude is mashing the baseball and has the inside track for one of the final two bench spots. Hitting .407/.484/.667.
Lastings Milledge, OF
Kicking ass and taking names, Milledge is hitting like he doesn't want to take another minor league bus ride again. .345/.441/.552.
David Newhan, OF
Not surpisingly, the best hitters this spring have been those competing for utility roles. Newhan is no exception, hitting .308/.333/.615 in camp.
Eddie Camacho, LHP
Already demoted.
Willie Collazo, LHP
SEE: Eddie Camacho
Kevin Mulvey, RHP
Sent to the minors.
Clint Nageotte, RHP
Aaron Sele, RHP
Hasn't been very good. Claims to be a "feel" pitcher who needs time to get the feel of his breaking pitches. He'll have plenty of time to do so in New Orleans.
Joe Smith, RHP
No runs in 5.1 innings.
Lino Urdaneta, RHP
Apparently still in camp? Just one baserunner allowed in three innings.
Jorge Vasquez, RHP
Sandy Alomar, Jr., C
No hits and two walks in nine at-bats.
Drew Butera, C
Mike DiFelice, C All glove, no hit catcher.
Joe Hietpas, C
Now a pitcher, always a minor leaguer.
Mike Nickeas, C
Francisco Pena, C
Jose A. Reyes, C
Days are numbered.
Michel Abreu, 1B
Mike Carp, 1B
Mashy McMashalot, hitting .333/.429/.458.
Ruben Gotay, IF
I was about to write something snarky before I realized he was hitting .353/.421/.529.
Chip Ambres, OF
Fernando Martinez, OF
Cut. Sadly.
Victor Mendez, OF
Ruben Sierra, OF
Hitting an impossibly bad .174/.231/.217.

-- = Chance of making the team is even.
= Chance of making the team is going down.
= Chance of making the team is going up.