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Technically open spots: three rotation spots, two bullpen spots, two bench spots.

I will try to update this list (and prune it, hopefully) a couple of times a week as more games are played and these guys start emerging as studs or duds.

Player, Position Comment
Jon Adkins, RHP
Pitched on Saturday and actually didn't allow a run. Gave up two baserunners in an inning of work.
Ambiorix Burgos, RHP
Allowed four hits and two runs in two innings on Sunday. He's a longshot at this point.
Marcos Carvajal, RHP
Sent to minors on Thursday.
Philip Humber, RHP
Didn't have a great spring and was mercifully demoted on Thursday.
Chan Ho Park, RHP
Stunk up the joint on Saturady, but could still make the team in long-relief or even as the fifth starter/.
John Maine, RHP
Has looked great so far.
Mike Pelfrey, RHP
Ditto. Might still start the year in AAA since the Mets won't need a #5 for a couple of weeks at least.
Oliver Perez, LHP
Urge to kill fading. Fading. Gone.
Alay Soler RHP
Took two years to get to America, and was released in a matter of seconds this week.
Jorge Sosa, RHP
Six runs in two innings on Saturday wasn't so hot.
Jason Vargas, LHP
Sent to the minors on Thursday; good insurance policy for our aging front-end.
Damion Easley, IF
Probably a lock as a MIBGY (Middle Infielder Bench Guy)
Anderson Hernandez, IF
At .132, isn't even batting his sister's weight.
Ben Johnson, OF
Hittin' good, would add some pop off the bench if he sticks.
Lastings Milledge, OF
Two hits on Saturday and a pinch-walk on Sunday. I love him.
David Newhan, OF
Hitless on Saturday.
Aaron Sele, RHP
After allowing six runs -- five earned -- in five innings on Saturday his spring ERA stands at a bloated 7.82.
Joe Smith, RHP
Gave up his first two runs on Saturday.
Lino Urdaneta, RHP
Omar Minaya says he has a chance. We'll see.
Sandy Alomar, Jr., C
Demotion coming any day now; let's see if he accepts it..
Mike DiFelice, C
Split squad filler at this point.
Jose A. Reyes, C
Is he still around?
Mike Carp, 1B
Still around, but probably no room for him.
Ruben Gotay, IF
Was hitting .353/.421/.529. Now hitting .241/.313/.414.
Ruben Sierra, OF
Reassigned on Thursday. Wonders "what if".

-- = Chance of making the team is even.
= Chance of making the team is going down.
= Chance of making the team is going up.