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Open Thread: Biggest Concern for 2007

I'm mid-meeting at work right now, but that doesn't mean that I've forgotten about you guys. Opening day is three days away, and this team has plenty of question marks. It's so easy to forget, considering how well things turned out, that there were plenty of question marks heading into last season, too. For instance:

  • Will the Mets get any production at second base?
  • Will Chad Bradford stay healthy?
  • Will Paul Lo Duca continue to regress in all facets of his game?
  • Would Jose Reyes get on base enough to be a competent major league hitter?
  • Has Carlos Delgado really put the botched negotiations with the Mets from 2005 behind him?
  • Brian Bannister - fifth starter?
  • Pedro Feliciano? Really?
  • Darren Oliver? Really?
  • What can we really expect out of Xavier Nady in a full-time role?
  • How long before Cliff Floyd lands on the disabled list?
I'm sure there are plenty that I'm not thinking of, too. So... what is the biggest concern facing the team as we stand on the precipice of the 2007 season?