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Thursday Linkiness

I have a home inspection this morning at 9 and am in meetings all day at work. Ridiculously busy, that's what I am. And baseball. Oh man, baseball starts in a few days. Here are a few links to keep you warm while I get everything sorted out.

At, Michael Salfino talks about how we can evaluate Willie Randolph as a manager this season, looking at some of his tactical tendencies from last year. Salfino is quickly becoming one of my favorite Mets writers around, so definitely keep your eye on for more of same.

Yesterday at the Hardball Times, John Walsh asked five questions about the Mets, most of which were regarding the pitching staff.

Ambiorix Burgos is pitching better of late, and may still be a dark horse to make the bullpen out of spring training. At the least, he is giving the Mets something to think about when they need to bring someone up from the minors.

At Fear and Faith in Flushing, Jason laments the Mets' putrid record this spring.