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Saturday Linktacular

In the Post today, Kevin Kernan profiles sidearmer Joe Smith, who struck out two in an inning of work yesterday.

Over at, Michael Salfino gives us a look at the Mets from a fantasy baseball perspective, including who's hot and how the Mets rank positionally in fantasy drafts.

The Post's Joel Sherman is heading to Mets camp after spending some time with the Yankees in Tampa. He has some questions, and is looking for some answers.

I am curious to see some of the obvious stuff such as just how good Phil Humber and Mike Pelfrey look, if the buzz on Carlos Gomez and Fernando Martinez is justified, and if John Maine and Oliver Perez are really up for the challenge of being key rotation pieces for a first-division team.
Former Met Kaz Matsui is finally comfortable in Colorado. Must be the schools.

At the New York Times, Richard Sandomir indicates that following their impending deal with MLB, DirecTV will be adding some new features to its baseball package, including cut-ins, real-time scores and stats, and a channel that would allow viewing of multiple games simulataneously.