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Open Thread - Game 1: Mets vs Cardinals (04/01/2007) on ESPN


It's a beautiful day in St. Louis, though I suspect even if it were pelting meteorites it would be a gorgeous day for baseball. Tonight the Mets machine gets rolling once again and the action here gets cranked up and will be rolling until October.

What's out? Predictions. Position battles. Pomp. Circumstance.

What's in? Real games. Real standings. Fantasy leagues. Reality leagues. Stat tracking. Ice blended mocha drinks. David Schwimmer.

In just two short hours the Mets will watch the unveiling of the Cardinals' World Champion banner, last offseason's dramatic loss still burning the backs of their throats like a post-chili dinner vurp. Despite some waffling to the contrary, Willie Randolph will hand in the following tried-and-true lineup card tonight:

  1. Jose Reyes
  2. Paul Lo Duca
  3. Carlos Beltran
  4. Carlos Delgado
  5. David Wright
  6. Moises Alou
  7. Shawn Green
  8. Jose Valentin
  9. Tom Glavine
Opposing the Mets will be a lineup featuring Albert Pujols, Hustly McScrapperson, Intangibles McPlaysthegametherightway, and more! I kid, mostly, but the Cardinals are clearly making a serious effort to corner the market on heart, grit, and hustle. We'll see how that works out. Too, for all of the talk about the Mets' question marks in the starting rotation, the Cardinals #2 pitcher is Kip Wells, plus they will be counting on two of last season's bullpen arms to eat innings: Adam Wainwright and Braden Looper. I suppose my point is that there is nary a rotation around the league without its share of problems. The Mets have their own issues, but they also have some guys with considerable upside. Maybe that's just the optimist in me bleeding through, but I like this team's chances.

It all starts now. Let the games begin!