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Open Thread - Game 13: Mets vs Marlins (04/18/2007) on SNY


Dontrelle Willis's dominance of the Mets has been well-documented. Unfortunately for the Mets, as much as he has owned them overall, he has positively pwn3d!! them at home (link). The Mets have actually managed to beat him twice in Florida, but its not as if they roughed him up either time. They beat him last May by plating three runs against him in a 7-4 victory, and also won in May of 2005 by scoring a whopping two runs against the southpaw. Overall he has a 1.29 ERA against them in eight career starts at Dolphin Stadium (compared to a 2.70 ERA overall). Whatever, this year the Mets have Moistest Alou, urine-soaked hands and baseball-whacking machine. We'll see who's laughing now.

Follow the game online:
- Yahoo!
- CBS SportsLine


NY Mets

J. Reyes ss
P. Lo Duca c
C. Beltran cf
C. Delgado 1b
D. Wright 3b
M. Alou lf
S. Green rf
J. Valentin 2b
J. Maine p


H. Ramirez ss
D. Uggla 2b
M. Cabrera 3b
M. Jacobs 1b
J. Willingham lf
J. Borchard rf
A. Amezaga cf
M. Treanor c
D. Willis p