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Open Thread - Game 15: Mets vs Braves (04/20/2007) on SNY


Mike Pelfrey will make his second start of the season tonight pitching on six days rest, and he will be opposed by Tim Hudson. Hudson faced the Mets four times last season with mixed results. He posted game scores of 82, 30, 12 and 59 in those starts, two terrible, one good and one great. He has actually been extraordinarily lucky this season, posting an ERA of 0.87 through three starts but a FIP of 3.72. I say lucky because he has allowed 21 baserunners in the same number of innings but somehow only allowed two of those to cross the plate. His key has been an extremely flukey BABIP of .188 (given his LD% of 16.7% his expected BABIP is around .287). His homerun-per-flyball rate has also been curiously low, as just 7.1% of flyballs against him have left the park, compared to 10.9% for his career. He *is* a groundball pitcher, but that ratio is less than half of what he has posted during his first two years in Atlanta.

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