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Open Thread - Game 19: Mets vs Rockies (04/24/2007) on SNY


Orlando Hernandez has made four starts to this point, three terrific and one forgettable. Game scores of 61, 66, *28* and 73 will attest to that. His biggest problem has been the longball, allowing five in just 25 innings of work. Granted, three of those came in his debacle against Washington a couple of weeks ago, but when his breaking stuff isn't working he has a tendency of leaving his fatball up in the zone. Too, he has had dramatic platoon splits thus far:

vs LHB .286/.388/.595
vs RHB .140/.245/.256

Though the small sample size exaggerates the splits, El Duque has had considerable trouble with lefties throughout his career:

vs LHB .273/.350/.466
vs RHB .207/.272/.348

The Rockies have lefties Todd Helton, Brad Hawpe and Steve Finley in their everyday lineup, and they would be wise to insert a few more for tonight's game, if at all possible.

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