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99 Problems

Undefeated. There's nowhere to go but down, right? I suppose a few more wins would be nice, but the winning percentage isn't going to get any better. One game, first place, where a lot of these guys think the Mets will ultimately wind up. Just like last year. Of course, BP's computers don't give them any respect, but computers are just godless, emotionless drones, right? What do they know?

Lots of folks enjoyed that opening night victory. I know I did. Some people even chatted about it. It's hard -- and dangerous -- to draw too many conclusions from one game. Tonight the Mets are at it again, still in St. Louis, where the Cardinals will receive their World Series rings. The Mets will throw El Duque out there, and we'll see what he's got. He looked good in spring training, well, when he wasn't suffering from bouts of arthritis and a littany of other age-related ailments.

The Cardinals have their own problems. Lineup problems. Outfield problems. Yadier Molina batting fifth problems. So Taguchi forgetting how to field problems. Drinking problems, allegedly.

I have problems, too. I work ten hours a day. I maintain two websites here on the sophisticated series of tubes we call the internets. I'm trying to coordinate the closing of two houses -- our current and future ones -- and I just found out that mortgage rates are going up tomorrow. Yay! But all of these problems go away for a few hours tonight when I can sit back and watch some hardball.