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Open Thread - Game 5: Mets vs Braves (04/07/2007) on FOX


  • Be sure to check out Michael Salfino's latest article at on pitch type splits for New York ballplayers.
    The changeup is baseball's most underrated pitch. The big-league's best changeup masher last year was White Sox DH Jim Thome, who posted a 1.424 BPS. Beltran was the best in New York at dealing with deception (1.082). Following him were Jeter (1.000), Cano (.985), Wright (.804), Reyes (.761), the now-retired Yankee Bernie Williams (.757), Damon (.710) and ex-Met (and current Cub) Cliff Floyd (.709).
    Definitely some great stuff there.
  • Hooray! The first Joe Morgan chat of the new season is here, and FJM has the goods.
  • Blogger wrap-ups for last night's game from Metstradamus, F&FIF, Chicks Dig The Pitchers' Duel.
  • MSM wrap-ups at New York Times, New York Post, Daily News, Star Ledger, Journal News, Bergen Record.
The live win probability graph will be available at FanGraphs once the game begins.