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Open Thread - Game 6: Mets vs Braves (04/08/2007) on SNY


The Mets look to get back on track today in the rubber match of their three game series in Atlanta. As much as it's only one game, it'll feel a whole lot better flying back to Queens at 5-1 and in first place than 4-2 and in second.

Beginning today I am instituting a minor change to the hitlist aggregator. Multiple comments within a 90 second span will only register one tick. I would also like to put something in place to encourage meaningful comments (i.e. discourage comments with little substance), but I haven't quite decided how that should be determined. It would likely be based on word count or alpha-numeric character count, though I am certainly open to suggestions on that. Though, that doesn't take away from the excellent game chatters we have had here over the course of the first five games.

The live win probability graph will be available at FanGraphs once the game begins.

UPDATE: The hitlist engine will remain as-is; there will be no interval limiter applied at this time. Chatter away!