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Aftermath: Mets vs Braves (04/08/2007)

Braves 3, Mets 2

(Source: - what's this?)

Orlando Hernandez's pitching line:

 IP   H   R  ER  BB  SO  HR   PC-ST   GS
6.0   2   1   1   4   6   1   91-53   66
Ugh, this game was really a punch in the gut. The Mets got another great performance out of their starting pitcher, they got guys on base, but for the second straight game they had a ton of difficulty pushing those runs across the plate. Jose Reyes found his way to third base on two different occasions -- including once with nobody out in the top of the first inning -- and the Mets couldn't plate him either time. All told they left seven runners on base, four in scoring position.

Jose Valentin continued his early season swoon, going hitless in four at-bats to leave his batting average at a pathetic .130. Carlos Delgado hasn't been much better, whiffing three tims this afternoon to leave his average at .185. Then again, Shawn Green is batting .375 in the early going, so that just goes to show how much (or little) stock we should put into six-game performances.

Aaron Heilman wasn't good, and to make matters worse, he wasn't got for more than forty pitches, leaving him entirely unavailable for tomorrow's home opener. 'Course, considering the way he was chucking today, maybe that's not a bad thing.

The bright spots: Reyes picked up another triple and, almost as importantly, another walk, giving him five on the season through the first two series. Carlos Beltran picked up another hit and a walk of his own. David Wright, who has looked pretty terrible at the plate at times, has still managed a decent average and a few walks to help the team out. El Duque was awesome again, and you really get the feeling that if he can keep his aging body on the field for much of the season that the Mets are going to be just fine when he pitches.

This loss hurts more than others because it came against the Braves and because the Mets had a lead going into the eighth inning. They could have very easily swept this series, but instead they drop the final two against their division rivals and head back home to face the hated Phillies at 4-2, second best in the National League East.

Mr. Met:

  • Hitting: Jose Reyes, 1.6% WPA
  • Pitching: Orlando Hernandez, 29.6% WPA
Mr. Regret:
  • Hitting: Carlos Delgado, -10.8% WPA
  • Pitching: Aaron Heilman, -38.6% WPA

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