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Open Thread - Game 7: Mets vs Phillies (04/09/2007) on SNY


If the Mets didn't have enough motivation going into this afternoon's home opener against the Phillies, we all recall this. Well, now we also have this, although that might just ratchet up your disdain for the Phillies' fans.

The Phils are off to a 1-5 start, but it's certainly not Jimmy Rollins's fault, as the foot-in-mouthed shortstop is hitting a robust .304/.467/.783 in the early going. Rather, it's the pitching staff, which has a 5.07 ERA to this point. One of the few bright spots in the first week was Cole Hamels, who squares off against John Maine at Shea today. We'll see how the revamped righty-hitting side of the Mets' lineup fares against the young southpaw.

The live win probability graph will be available at FanGraphs once the game begins.