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Aftermath: Mets vs Marlins (05/01/2007 - 05/02/2007)

Game 2: Marlins 5, Mets 2

(Source: - what's this?)

Mike Pelfrey's pitching line:

 IP   H   R  ER  BB  SO  HR   PC-ST   GS
6.1   5   3   3   3   3   0  106-57   51
After allowing a hit, two walks and a hit-by-pitch (along with three runs), Pelfrey really settled down and actually threw a pretty good game. Throw away that horrendous inning and you've got 5.1 innings with four hits, one walk and no runs. As importantly, after the first inning Pelfrey collected ten of fourteen outs in play on groundballs, a great sign for a sinkerballer. His G/F rate for the season sits at 1.36, a bit lower than I think we would all like to see it.

Mr. Met:

  • Hitting: David Wright, 24.0% WPA
  • Pitching: Joe Smith, 9.7% WPA
Mr. Regret:
  • Hitting: Jose Reyes, -15,4% WPA
  • Pitching: Aaron Heilman, -16.0% WPA

Game 3: Mets 6, Marlins 3

(Source: - what's this?)

Oliver Perez's pitching line:

 IP   H   R  ER  BB  SO  HR   PC-ST   GS
5.2   3   3   1   3  10   0   98-58   62
Another fine start for Perez, who actually had the nerve to walk some batters this time out. He had seven total walks on the season prior to this game, all coming in a single outing (that disaster against the Phillies). Tonight he walked three batters in less than six innings, not a particularly great ratio. To counter that, he struck out ten batters in those same 5.2 innings, an outstanding ratio. Perez now has 36 strikeouts to just 10 walks in 29.0 innings while allowing just two homeruns in that span. He is fourth in the league in strikeouts (Jake Peavy leads the league with 46) despite having one fewer start and at least nine fewer innings pitched than the three guys ahead of him (Peavy, Cole Hamels at 43 and Ted Lilly at 38). Perez is absolutely dealing right now, he is dominating hitters with his mid-nineties heat and generating cartoonish swings with his slider. If he can continue to keep the walks and homeruns in check, things are definitely looking up for Ollie.

Mr. Met:

  • Hitting: Jose Reyes, 11.1% WPA
  • Pitching: Scott Schoeneweis, 9.5% WPA
Mr. Regret:
  • Hitting: Ramon Castro, -8.6% WPA
  • Pitching: none