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Open Thread - Game 30: Mets vs Diamondbacks (05/06/2007) on SNY

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On a day when Roger Clemens rejoins the Yankees in a manner which can only be described as complete narcissistic self-indulgence, the Mets take on another large-posteriored gentleman in Livan Hernandez. Looking to extend their Arizona winning streak to fourteen games, the Mets send Mike Pelfrey to the mound to hopefully improve on his encouraging effort last time out against the Marlins. Pelfrey got the loss in that game, but pitched well for five plus innings after a shaky first.

Hernandez has issued 25 walks this year in 38 innings, but has managed to keep his ERA at 3.55 (20% below the league average) by only allowing one homerun and taking a advantage of a bit of luck in the BABIP (batting average on balls in play) department. He has typically allowed more than a hit per inning over the course of his career, but has somehow only coughed up 32 hits in those 38 innings so far in 2007. He has a .258 BABIP this year compared to .306 for his career. The Mets should look to be patient at the plate this afternoon, work the count into their favor and hopefully take advantage of Hernandez's inevitable regression to the mean with respect to hits allowed.

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