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Saturday Book Review: The New Ballgame: Understanding Baseball Statistics for the Casual Fan

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If you're reading this, you're probably a pretty big baseball fan. Too, you're probably a Mets' fan. You probably think about baseball too often when you're not supposed to, talk about baseball too often when nobody cares or is even listening. If so, The New Ballgame: Understanding Baseball Statistics for the Casual fan probably isn't for you. However, you probably know someone who cares an awful lot about you who doesn't know what the hell you are doing spending so much time looking at baseball player pages, scrutinizing tables of numbers, and cursing the baseball telecast for not including on-base and slugging percentages with each player's season stats. This book, then, is probably for them.

=> Vitals

# of Pages: 160
Author: Glenn Guzzo
Publisher: ACTA Sports
Suggested Retail Price: $14.95
ISBN: 978-0879463182

=> What's Inside?

Ten chapters designed to enlighten even the staunchest baseball Luddite to the ways of the modern baseball fan. Early chapters are devoted to baseball lingo and statistic before the author plunges right into the why cross-era comparisons of players is nigh impossible, and also why such arguments are typically the most oft-debated among baseball fans. There is a whole chapter on filling out a scorecard, reading a boxscore, and much more.

=> Why Should You Buy It?

Either (a) you feel like you have missed the boat on today's newfangled baseball statistics and would like to play a little bit of catch-up, or (b) you know someone who doesn't understand your obsession with this game of baseball and wish they would take the time to understand and appreciate its intracacies, or (c) you know someone who *is* obssessed with this game of baseball and *you* wish to understand them better.

If you are already a baseball whiz you will still find the book to be an interesting read, but you won't get nearly as much out of it as someone with less experience watching and following baseball.

=> Where to Buy It?

Support the hard-working folks that bring you great basbeall books like this one by buying direct from the publisher, ACTA Sports. You can also save a few bucks by getting it through