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Are They Saying "Boo" or "New-han"?

David Newhan was sent down to New Orleans and Ricky Ledee was recalled to take his place. Most experts agree that Newhan likely earned his demotion because he wasn't actually any good at anything. He hit just .200/.298/.280 in 50 at-bats with the big club.

Ricky Ledee hit a respectable .275/.341/.444 in 160 at-bats with Triple-A New Orleans. Nothing spectacular, but downright Ted Williamsesque compared to Newhan's production. Ledee also led the league in PSMQ, or Porn Star Mustache Quotient, that you've heard all of the statheads throwing around recently. Ledee appeared in 27 games with the Mets in 2006, batting .094/.194/.219 in 36 plate appearances. If he can hit anywhere near his big league average of .244/.325/.413 he will be a significant upgrade over Newhan and will provide some much needed lefty pop off the bench.

In two games since being recalled, Ledee has two hits -- both doubles -- in seven at-bats.