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Confidence in the Crapper

The Mets, who have lost ten of their last twelve games, travel to Yankee Stadium to take on the Bombers tonight, winners of nine in a row. It's as if, two weeks ago, the Mets and Yankees were simultaneously zapped with an intergalactic body-switching ray, and now the Mets are the Fred Savages to the Yankees' Judge Reinholds (or Kirk Camerons to the Yankees' Dudley Moores, if you prefer).

As May drew to a close, the Yankees were floundering, unable to do anything right. The Mets were the belles of the ball, sporting the best record in the National League, and were finally putting a bit of distance between themselves and the Braves. Now the Yankees are seemingly unstoppable, getting solid performances across the board and winning every game they play with relative ease. The Yankees were 13.5 games back of the Red Sox on June 2, and now find themselves *just* 7.5 games back.

Meanwhile, the Mets have actually seen their division lead trimmed from four games up on Atlanta and eight games on the Phillies to just two games on the Phillies and 2.5 on the Braves. The Mets have been fortunate that the Braves have been playing almost as badly as they have, although the Phillies appear to have righted their ship, buoyed by their three game sweep of the Mets at Shea.

The last thing the Mets need right now is to go into the Bronx and get embarrassed by the Yankees. To be more precise, it's the last thing I need right now. The Mets are a very good team, and even very good teams go through rough periods. The Mets are going through a very rough period as we speak, and I'm not particularly confident that they will pull out of their tailspin in time to put up a fight this weekend.

Two things I'm pretty sure of:

  1. The Mets need to get good pitching this weekend if they want a chance to win this series
  2. The Mets need to get some -- ANY -- production out of the Carloses if they want a chance to win this series
Fan confience ebbs and flows over the course of a season. When the Yankees came to Shea last month, Mets' fan confidence was through the roof, and that they lost even a game to the Yankees was something of a disappointment. Right now, confience is at a season low, and I personally feel that if the Mets manage to win one game this series, salvaging a split of the season series, that they should consider themselves lucky.

I'm sure I'm not the only one, either.