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Open Thread - Game 74: Mets vs. Cardinals (06/25/2007) on SNY


Tale of the tape:

Sosa Maroth
ERA 4.05 5.06
FIP 4.34 6.35
K/9 4.89 3.22
BB/9 3.04 3.79
K/BB 1.61 0.85
HR/9 0.84 1.72
WHIP 1.18 1.66
GB/FB 0.97 1.14
BABIP .248 .298
eBABIP .315 .321

Que se dillio:

For the second consecutive game the Mets will face a starting pitcher who has walked more batters than he has struck out. This time around it's Mike Maroth in his first start since being acquired from the Tigers. Maroth is most famous for losing 20 games a few years back and, though he has a history of mediocre stuff and solid control, the latter has abandoned him this year, leaving him the dried up husk of a formerly mediocre pitcher.

Meanwhile, the Mets will look to extend their only winning streak in recent memory to four games. As Greenpoint Ian pointed out in this diary, with their sweep of the A's the Mets actually finished with a winning record in interleague play. Crazy, I know.

Follow the game online:
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- CBS SportsLine