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Jose Contreras In The Mets' Sightlines

There are Mark Buehrle rumors swirling everywhere, but the Mets may have their eyes fixed on Jose Contreras, who is under contract through 2009. Since 2005, Contreras is 33rd in baseball with a 4.06 ERA among pitchers with at least 400 innings in that span. That mark slots him just behind Chris Capuano and just ahead of Jeff Suppan. Contreras has spent that whole time pitching in hitter-friendy US Cellular Field in Chicago. For what it's worth, here is how Contreras has performed over the past two-plus seasons compared to Buerhle and Barry Zito, who was seemingly available at last year's trade deadline:

IP ERA K/9 BB/9 HR/9
Contreras 490.0 4.06 6.24 2.98 0.90
Zito 537.0 4.01 6.30 3.84 1.04
Buerhle 533.2 3.88 5.18 1.77 1.16

At (allegedly) 35, Contreras is also the oldest of the three by a substantial margin. Is he worth a Lastings Milledge?