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Open Thread - Game 75: Mets vs. Cardinals (06/26/2007) on SNY


Tale of the tape:

Perez Wellemeyer
ERA 3.16 6.65
FIP 4.32 5.75
K/9 8.05 6.85
BB/9 3.46 4.63
K/BB 2.32 1.48
HR/9 1.12 1.61
WHIP 1.15 1.84
GB/FB 0.63 1.02
BABIP .251 .357
eBABIP .309 .334

Que se dillio:

After failing miserably as a relief pitcher for the Cubs, Marlins and Royals, Wellemeyer has been reborn as a crummy starting pitcher. Alex Nelson provides the scouting report courtesy of MetsGeek:

The 28-year-old righty has a hell of an arm, but rarely has much of an idea what to do with it. The Cardinals are the fourth organization to take a chance on his talented arm, hoping to catch lightning in a bottle. He has had constant struggles with his command, issuing far too many walks and allowing far too many homeruns over the course of his career. He's got a fastball he can throw in the mid-90's, a plus slider, and a pretty good change. When he can spot the fastball, he can be an effective pitcher, but that hasn't happened often enough for Wellemeyer.
As long as he isn't a noodle-armed lefty I think the Mets will be thrilled.

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