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Open Thread - Game 80: Mets vs. Phillies (07/01/2007) on SNY


Tale of the tape:

Pelfrey Kendrick
ERA 6.53 5.00
FIP 5.28 5.64
K/9 3.86 4.00
BB/9 5.04 3.00
K/BB 0.76 1.33
HR/9 0.59 1.50
WHIP 1.75 1.28
GB/FB 1.56 1.33
BABIP .319 .247
eBABIP .339 .330

Que se dillio:

A three-one split before the series started would have been more than acceptable, but now that the Mets have already taken the first three that same split would seem a disappointment. It's the difference between winning the series and completely whitewashing the Phillies in their home park after they did the same at Shea a few weeks ago. It's the difference between the Phils closing the series seven games back or just five.

Oliver Perez was scheduled to take the ball this afternoon but was scratched with a stiff back. Instead Mike Pelfrey, who was originally slated to start one end of Friday's double-header, will be called up to start in Ollie's place.

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