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New York Mets: First Half Gradebook: Outfielders

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Carlos Beltran, CF C- His walks are way down this year, and with them is his on-base percentage. His defense has been fine, his baserunning very good. He has been bothered by the usual array of nagging injuries, and has done his best to play through them despite the fact that they seem to sap him of any value at the plate. Overall he has been passably useful; his 21.6 VORP is eighth among MLB centerfielders, but for $17 million dollars a year, and after what he did last year, it's hard not to expect more.
Shawn Green, RF C- Didn't ask for much, haven't gotten much, so no reason to be disappointed. After a hot start Green has been useless at the plate since returning from the disabled list. Are you sitting down? Since June 11, his first game back from injury, Green has hit .210/.240/.330. I'm not joking. Read that batting line again and try to keep from laughing/gagging. What's wrong with him? Who knows. He's old and terrible are my first two guesses. I'd like to say that he'll hit the pine once Lastings Milledge is called up to begin the second half, but that's not likely to happen.
Moises Alou, LF/DL C+ Hasn't played since May 12, and it's not like he was anything spectacular when he actually wasn't hobbled by injuries. His .374 on-base percentage was fine, but he hit for sub-par power for a corner outfielder, and he certainly doesn't bring anything to the table glove- or baseunning-wise. His return will help the lineup, but that's largely because of who he'd be replacing, not necessarily what he'd be contributing. His injuries are a surprise to no one.
Carlos Gomez, LF C- Was thrown into the fire after a rash of injuries with very little Triple-A experience under his belt, and he has done about as well as could be expected. He got off to a terrible start, but was turning things around a bit before suffering a hand injury that will sideline him for a couple of months. No plate discipline and very little in the power department, but everyone can't be Miguel Cabrera or David Wright. His .250/.303/.333 doesn't compare favorably to Tom Glavine's .290/.333/.323.
Endy Chavez, LF B Outfielder? Check. On the disabled list? Double-check. Still, gotta love Endy, and his exemplary defense combined with a passable .292/.336/.407 line make him a mighty useful fourth outfielder.
David Newhan, OF D Was terrible in limited playing time early in the season, but he hit very well (.333/.395/.545) as a full-time player after his demotion to Triple-A. He isn't likely to see much playing time now, and he's probably ticketed for New Orleans once the break is over.
Ricky Ledee, OF D Really, it's not Ledee's fault that he's terrible and keeps getting playing time. Minaya signed him, and he's a former Yankee so Willie Randolph can't help but plug him in there far more often than he should. In Willie's defense, with the tidal wave of bad health that has swept over this team's outfield corps, it's not as if Willie has far better options out there. I'd like to see Chip Ambres get a few at-bats, but who doesn't?