Free Ramon Castro!

Last night was the last straw with LoDuca for me.  I haven't been too pleased with him since his childish tantrum in that game against Oakland, and last night, he just killed them with the bat in key situations.

I started yelling "play Castro" when LoDuca came to bat, and the people around me in the upper deck were mostly chuckling.  Nobody gave me any shit for it, so I suspect that many other Mets fans are tired of him playing 6 nights a week.

Meanwhile, Castro and his .538 SLG sits on the bench (A Small Sample Size Alert does come into play there, but Ramon has hit 17 HRs in a bit over 400 ABs in a Mets uniform.  Not bad at all.)  You know how many Mets have better than a .538 SLG this season?  One: Ruben Gotay (in another small sample size).

Gotay is playing and Milledge is playing and I'm very happy about that, but enough is enough with HeartandsouloftheteamPaulLoDuca.  Get Castro in there at least 3 games a week. Now!

/end rant

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