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Wednesday Morning Mets Newsstand

In the New York Times today, Ben Shpigel profiles Carlos Beltran. Beltran says that he is feeling fine, that he is healthy, but the results obviously aren't there. At least, results somewhat resembling his performance from 2006.

The Mets are still trying to figure out what to do at second base. Jose Valentin (finally) had a nice game last night, but it's not clear that he is the answer offensively right now. He stole a base, which may be an indication that his knee is finally feeling better. The Mets need to get Ruben Gotay some at-bats as long as he keeps hitting as he has.

Nice little back-and-forth at about the state of the Mets. Michael Salfino and Ted Berg discuss the team's offensive woes and ways to improve the team from within.

The Mets are 9th in Dayn Perry's power rankings.

Last night was only the third time this season that the Padres have allowed as many as seven runs in a home game. By comparison, the Mets have done it nine times.