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Open Thread - Game 94: Mets vs. Padres (07/18/2007) on SNY


Tale of the tape:

Maine Maddux
ERA 2.91 4.35
FIP 3.90 3.78
K/9 7.56 4.75
BB/9 3.38 1.50
K/BB 2.23 3.16
HR/9 0.87 0.71
WHIP 1.17 1.31
GB/FB 0.82 1.65
BABIP .261 .317
eBABIP .290 .316

Que se dillio:

A win tonight against Mad Dog would give the Mets two consecutive series wins for the first time in I don't care to remember. Maddux has struck out just over one batter for every two innings pitched, yet he still has a K/BB ratio greater than three because, even as he has aged, he has never lost that impeccable command. He has walked just one-and-a-half batters every nine innings this season and just 1.83 every nine innings over the course of his career. He gives up plenty of base hits, but he doesn't allow many homeruns and he's not going to hurt himself with the bases-on-balls.

The other side of the tracks:

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Follow the game online:

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- CBS SportsLine