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Open Thread - Game 81: Mets vs. Rockies (07/02/2007) on SNY


Tale of the tape:

Glavine Hirsh
ERA 4.12 5.21
FIP 4.97 5.40
K/9 4.30 6.06
BB/9 2.98 3.88
K/BB 1.44 1.56
HR/9 1.14 1.52
WHIP 1.35 1.39
GB/FB 1.15 0.58
BABIP .277 .269
eBABIP .319 .305

Que se dillio:

Jason Hirsh was one of the key targets of the Rockies' offseason unloading of Jason Jennings to Houston, but his first season in Colorado has been anything but smooth. For starters, he's a flyball pitcher. For another thing, he pitches in Colorado, historically a haven for run scoring and, despite the best efforts of their humidors, still ranks seventh in baseball in most homeruns allowed and sixth overall in allowing runs.

Meanwhile, Tom Glavine has thrown two consecutive terrific ballgames, including a six-inning one-hitter against the Cardinals last week. He has contributed more than three-quarters of a win by himself over the two starts (56.1% WPA).

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