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Friday Morning Mets Newsstand

Pedro Martinez is expected to throw a simulated game either today or tomorrow, and could begin a rehab assignment shortly. He has been largely inactive, at least with respect to baseball related activities, for the last seventeen days. Once he begins his rehab assignment, barring any tremendous setbacks, one could expect him to be ready in about thirty days. Most folks around baseball aren't overly optimistic that we'll see Pedro in a big league uni this season, so we'll have to wait and see. More on this at Newsday.

Omar Minaya doesn't feel pressure to get a trade done in the next week-and-a-half. Good thing, too, because there is little out there to get excited about. He might make a tinker trade for a bench player or a bullpen arm, but nobody expects a lot of movement at this year's trade deadline. Unless a whale of a deal presents itself, look for Minaya to hang onto his big chips, at least until the offseason rolls around and some more impressive names surface.

David Lennon thinks the Mets should consider a deal for Sammy Sosa. David Lennon apparently didn't notice Sammy Sosa's .296 on-base percentage. David Lennon's player acquisition opinions are no longer welcome here.

Marlon Anderson is glad to be back. After his performance last night (2-for-5 with two RBI), the Mets are glad to have him back.

Moises Alou continued his rehab assignment with the GCL Mets yesterday and actually played the field. He could rejoin the Mets as soon as this weekend, and his arrival would likely mean a demotion to Triple-A for Sandy Alomar Jr.

Finally, David Simons will be helping out here by posting a regular column each Thursday. You can read his first one here. David writes the terrific daily game recaps at and desparately wanted another canvass to disparage Shawn Green and Scott Schoeneweis. So, welcome him to the AA family!