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Open Thread - Game 96: Mets vs. Dodgers (07/20/2007) on SNY


Tale of the tape:

Perez Tomko
ERA 3.13 5.88
FIP 4.25 4.23
K/9 8.14 7.75
BB/9 3.58 3.25
K/BB 2.28 2.38
HR/9 1.07 1.13
WHIP 1.18 1.60
BABIP .258 .362
eBABIP .301 .352

Que se dillio:

Tomko hasn't pitched especially well this year, and with Brad Penny looming it'd be nice to guarantee at least a series split before we hit the weekend. The bats exploded in a big way last night, pounding out sixteen hits and thirteen runs. That's about a week's worth of offense for this team, though it was a lot of fun to watch. Not as much fun to watch: Tom Glavine last night. Should we be concerned? Ooh. Short answer "yes" with an "if"; long answer "no" with a "but".

The other side of the tracks:

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Follow the game online:

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- CBS SportsLine