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Open Thread - Game 97: Mets vs. Dodgers (07/21/2007) on FOX


Tale of the tape:

Sosa Penny
ERA 3.84 2.33
FIP 4.18 3.01
K/9 5.37 6.55
BB/9 3.20 2.69
K/BB 1.68 2.43
HR/9 0.77 0.22
WHIP 1.21 1.18
GB/FB 0.92 1.75
BABIP .257 .291
eBABIP .314 .311

Que se dillio:

Brad Penny, a big part of the legacy that ex-GM Paul DePodesta left behind, has blossomed into one of the best starting pitchers in the National League. His strikeout rate isn't phenomenal, but his homerun rate is terrific and his groundball rate is by far the highest of his career. This one is a bit of a mismatch in the Dodgers' favor, but a win this afternoon would be a great feather in the Mets' cap and would ensure them a winning record on this tough left coast road trip.

The other side of the tracks:

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Follow the game online:

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