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Sunday Afternoon Mets Newsstand

Omar Minaya isn't desperate for a second baseman, and is pretty happy with Ruben Gotay in there. Anderson Hernandez has been recalled from New Orleans to take the place of the recently re-injured Jose Valentin. At least until Damion Easley returns from his bereavement leave, look for Gotay to get most of the starts and, given his poor defense recently, don't be surprised if Willie inserts Hernandez's glove late in games.

Speaking of Easley, a player can only be on the bereavement list for seven days, so the Mets are likely to transfer Easley to the restricted list if he can't return soon. The restricted list keeps a 25-man roster spot open but, unfortunately for Easley, is unpaid.

Miguel Cabrera is awesome. Awesomely-fat, says ESPN The Magazine's Jorge Arangure Jr.

Scott Olsen is apparently a colossal dumbass after getting into a fight with Miami police officers after refusing to pull over. He allegedly kicked at the backup officers who tried to arrest him, and who subsequently had to use a stun gun on the Marlins pitcher. Yup, good times down in Florida.